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Fit 4 Health Final Meeting and Final Conference

IT Ancona, June 11-12 2015

The Fit 4 Health Final Meeting has been in Ancona, Italy, on June 11st and 12th. The final meeting has been organized by CONI Marche and Ankon Volley

with the aim to evaluate and monitor project activities also in preparation of Final Reports, as well as to evaluate the project stat of art, feedbacks and actions to be provided for an optimal finalisation of the project.

On Thursday 12th March in the same framework of Fit 4 Health project, CONI Marche and Ankon Volley organised the International Final Conference "HEALTHY and SAFETY SPORT: How to prevent risks for young athletes?". The event was an opportunity to discuss some important issues and to present Fit 4 Health partnership experiences:

  • Sport opportuinities in EU Policy and overview of Fit 4 Health project results
  • Experiences and contributes of five countries involved in Fit 4 Health project
    • Ialian experience - “The Risk Management Plan”
    • Bulgaria experience - “Risk prevention for young athletes practicing individual sport”
    • Croatia experience - “Coaching is better than training young athletes also for high level club”
    • Finnish experience - “Ensuring a safe sport environment in cooperation with stakeholders”
    • UK experience - “Protecting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of young athletes”
  • Fit 4 Health project methodological aspects and Golden Rules presentation
  • Networking and possible follow up

The event was also the oportunity to present the Golden Rules dissemination video.

The International Conference had a great impact among stakeholder involved in local, national and international sport sector. An opportunity for think about what it can be possible to achieve for the improvement of healthy sport but at the same time an opportunity to speak about future collaboration among Fit 4 Health actors.




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